My fascination with photography comes from my deep passion to create my own reality.
Each photo session means new experience and each posing person is treated individually.
I am always open to new ideas and fruitful cooperation.
Photography is my hobby, my way of life and my work.
My professional life is connected with photography and I devote to it a lot of my life and effort.
Perfectionism, sensitivity and effort pursuing my goals enable to show the most desirable effect in every situation.


Who am I?
„It seems to us that we are lived by two different persons. The first one does everything in a perfect way and present that face to the world.
However, there exists the other side, which we are ashamed of and which we are trying to hide. In every human being there is inner
disharmony and incoherence. Everybody would like to be good and kind but somehow we do things, which are difficult to comprehend even to ourselves.

Why is it? Because a human being is not good, it is not an angel nor a super creature, but it is only
a small pilgrim on their long way of life. Their own weakness make them more understanding and gentle towards others.
Someone, who is uncritical to themselves, will be tough and unable to empathy. The person will not be able to comfort anyone, encourage anyone and forgive anyone.
Happiness and friendship can be found among people who are sensitive, gentle in their words and mutual relationships”.